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EVO technology

Active biosecurity: technology for producring environmentally friendly antibacterial and fungicidal products
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EVO technology effectively ensures sterility, prevents decay and mold formation through the use of silver and copper nanoparticles. Because of their small size, nanoparticles enter deeply into the structure of materials and destroy bacteria and odors.
Biological protection
against microbes
elementary viruses

Where is EVO technology used

EVO technology effectively solves the problems of ensuring sterility, preventing decay and mold, eliminating odors. This technology was tested for a wide range of products.
Detergents, household chemicals, disinfectants, cleaning products
All types of paintwork materials, polymer coatings, powder coatings, epoxy coatings
Filters for bacterial cleansing, water treatment, water circulation
Building materials, building mixtures, wood materials

Polymer granules with silver nanoparticles

We developed a polymer additive | granulated superconcentrate: polyethylene and polypropylene. It contains silver nanoparticles at a high concentration of 1000 ppm.

Additive can be added to the bulk of raw materials in the process of manufacturing products from polymers of the polyolefin group. The percentage of the additive is 0.5 - 2% of the total weight of the polymer used.

Additive provides final products with an active biocidal and bacteriostatic effect.

For plastic products, packaging materials, household and medical equipment


Antibacterial thread with silver

We developed a technology for producing a thread with antibacterial properties. This thread can be used to make an extremely wide range of textile products.

In addition to being able to eliminate bacteria and odors, the thread is also wash-resistant. Products made from this thread can withstand up to 25 washes without losing their properties.

Thread processing according to the technology
Creation of textile products from thread


EVO technology: advantages and differences

Our nanoparticles are natural and not synthetic. They keep their properties for a long time, and do not emit harmful substances in use.
Nanoparticles do not react with the components of the products in which they were implemented. Due to this, any product can be given active properties.
Wide possibilities to use
Bacteria, viruses and microbes cannot create a protection mechanism against the action of metal nanoparticles. Because of this, we do not develop bacteria, making them even more dangerous for humans, but simply eliminate them from places where they are not needed.
Products created using EVO technology are recognized as innovative, included in the register of innovative products of the Russian Federation and have advantages in public procurement.

silver nanoparticles

Deep penetration into material structures
Harmful microorganisms enter into pores of materials (for example, plastic, wood), which cannot be washed and easily eliminated. Nanoparticles, due to their size, are able to enter into pores of materials and destroy harmful microflora.

Bacteria elimination
Silver nanoparticles kill 650 species of the most dangerous pathogens. They do not have the ability to adapt to silver.

Nanosilver is used as a natural preserving agent even in the food industry. Its ability to kill microbes allows to create products and raw materials with a long shelf life.

copper nanoparticles

Main property is the elimination of fungi and mold in hard-to-reach places and in places of high humidity.
Copper nanoparticles are at a far effective rate than other agents in fighting against fungal formations.

Unlike many analogs, they eliminate not only the external reactions and consequences of fungal infections, but also the fungi itself. They solve the problem once and for all.
Fungi and mold elimination