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Nanoparticles and technologies for researchers and manufacturers

Use typical solutions and special developments in the field of nanomaterials to create new products in any industry.
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What do we do

We are professionals in producing nanoparticles and creating innovative products. We can implement nanoparticles into almost any material and develop for you a product with unique properties that will have no analogs on the market.
We produce customized nanomaterials for scientific studies and experimental developments. We provide all characteristics and full technical support.
We offer you ready-made solutions and technological developments that you can easily implement in your production.

For science and R&D

For business

Custom developments

What are

They are ultra-small materials with many previously unavailable properties. Their use makes it possible to create products that are significantly superior to their analogs in terms of efficiency, durability, environmental performance and a number of other parameters.
Nanoparticles of 6 metals and 4 oxides are prepared for use in various chemical systems
types of nanoparticles
Technological solutions are ready for implementation, without the need for complex R&D performance
More than 30 manufacturers already use our materials in their products on various markets
finished products
own brands
High-demand trademarks are an illustrative example of the nanomaterial use
Quality and safety
Proved by state conformity certificates. Classified as safe material.
Easy to use
Ready to use in any technical process. No special knowledge or equipment is required.
Working up to 1000 times more efficiently than existing solutions. At a far qualitative rate than analogs.
With the highest quality, up to 4 times cheaper than nanoparticles from other manufacturers.
We produce the highest quality nanoparticles
— the only ones in Russia marked with "Russian Nanotechnological Production" sign


Produce unique and innovative products using our ready-made technological solutions.
This technology provides sterility with no decay or mold and it also eliminates odors. It is tested for use in the production of household chemicals, paints, varnishes, packaging materials, plastic products, textiles, building materials, wood and in a number of other production areas.
They are created with vitamins and plant extracts and used in basic and medicinal cosmetics, pharmaceutics (wound-healthing, burn-treating, etc.) and targeted delivery products.
EVO technology
Nuclear Colloids
Technology of biosecure product creation
Nanoparticle synthesis technology for cosmetics and pharmaceutics
Own brands
Cosmetics and hygiene products with silver nanoparticles. They cleanse and disinfect, effectively eliminate acne and inflammation. Recommended by dermatologists.
Plant protection products against infectious diseases for environmentally friendly plant production.
Products for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases of agricultural and domestic animals.

Custom developments

Large community of scientists and engineers from various fields of science, with whom we cooperate, is always ready to take on your tasks and create a unique product for the industry. The most advanced nanotechnology developments can be yours.
Technical documentation
We will prepare complete technical documentation required for the production start and certification.
Unique products
We will develop an effective product for you that will allow you to outperform your competitors.
Own patent
You will receive a development patent and no one can produce a similar product.
We are always ready to help you with product development, line expansion and production customization.
World scientific and engineering experience in nanotechnology

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